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About Us

Creative Grove is a meeting place, market, art experiment and scene that involves the public, promotes art and culture, and builds community space as a forum for dialogue and exchange.  A destination and place to relax, play and express yourself.

Friday March 21, 2014

Creative Grove Spring Fest, mayhem and fun time on the plaza:
welcoming all elves, tinkerbelles, fairies of all sorts,
musicians, deejays, artists of all disciplines, interviews and comedy on toilets,
the ART BAR in full gear, by artists for artists!

Independent un-scene in the public space,
Grove Street PATh plaza breathing our sparkles again!
Pick up a piece of the stream of consciousness this event radiates!

DJ Pastiche opens up the season,
Poop chat (with Meredith) will keep you laughing,
live musicians sitting in with instrumental pleasures,
our long awaited Paint-the fridge fun returns, Uta Brauser’s interactive public art project,
(as long the paint won’t freeze)

and our super original makers and artists from the metro area!!
Silk screen prints,
Art, fashion, jewelery, furniture, plants,
metal works, vintage records, vintage clothing
and very original designs.

Food trucks, local kitchens and bakers,
have a snack or dinner outdoors!

For a vending space go to the vendor sign up form or
artists and vendors in our approved vendor data base
email us for your space requests.

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